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Investigative task force proposal Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Investigative task force proposal - Term Paper Example ry procedures for the research and proper investigation of digital develop a state of the art center that will be able to offer impeccable services. The unit will be fully equipped with a cyber-forensics laboratory which will specialize in digital evidence recovery, and which will also the facilitation of computer investigative training and development of forensic skills. The devices incorporated will be able to manage a larger volume of data faster in the course of an investigation and also uncover information that couldn’t be discovered with traditional forensic tools. Steps towards the creation of a cyber-investigative unit would be to assess the needs of the department and make a decision, to establish a legal basis in the establishment, appoint a manager for the cyber investigation unit, to staff the unit, to provide for the equipment and other resources required in the unit, to facilitate a training program for this unit and to have an action plan in developing the cyber investigative unit. As the technology is continually used to commit crimes and the numbers of such cases keeps on raising then each police departme nt will ultimately reach a point where it will have to decide if the time is right to establish a cyber-investigative unit with forensic capabilities The cyber investigative unit will include a training department, an investigative joint task force, an analytic group, future exploration department and people responsible for collaborative data sharing. Whether the goal is to establish a full time unit or entitle individual investigators in particular areas to respond as required, prior evaluation assessment, planning and preparation are elements indispensable to success. The following is a proposal for the establishment of the specialized unit in the police department. The department will facilitate the provision of a training programmer to equip the new cyber investigative unit with investigators, supervisors, analysts and outside

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Lab#7 Beam Analysis Using Photoelastic Methods Lab Report

#7 Beam Analysis Using Photoelastic Methods - Lab Report Example Photoelasticity method is depended on the birefringence property that is shown by the transparent materials. Birefringence involves the property in which light rays are passed through a birefringent material of two refractive indices. This property has been seen in different optical crystals. When the stress is applied, the photoelastic material will show the birefringence property. The potential of the refractive index in each material section would be directly linked to the stresses in the given point. The term photoelasticity is a reflection of nature in this technique. Photo means the utility of light rays together with the optical techniques. Elasticity shows the elastic body deformation and stresses study in elastic bodies. In this respect, light rays are classified as electromagnetic vibrations that do travel in the form of waves. The vibrations are linked to the light that is perpendicular to the light travel direction or the propagation. The source of light gives out a wave train that contains the vibrations in planes that are perpendicular. Through the introduction of the polarized filter in the travel path, a single component of the vibrations would be transmitted using the filter considered being parallel to the axis. The organized light is referred to as polarized light. When anotherpolarised filter referred to as the analyzer is put on its way, there would be a total light beam extinction of the beam of light which can be obtained if the two filter axis is perpendicula r to one another. In many cases, light may travel in a vacuum or through air at a speed equivalent to 3 x 10 ^10 cm/sec. For the different transparent materials, the light speed v is minimum. In this case, the ration n=C/V is referred to as the refraction index. In bodies that are homogenous, the index would be constant despite the travel direction and the plane vibration. For the bodies that are homogenous the index is depended on the become optically heterogeneous

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My Favourite Communication Essay Example for Free

My Favourite Communication Essay Introduction to communication, I not only have more knowledge, and skills but also having real experiences. Nonverbal Communication and establishing relationship level meaning which are the most important things I had been learned. Nonverbal communication is crucial in relationships because it is essentially the leading factor for communication. There are three different ways that nonverbal communication is shown in relationships: responsiveness, liking, and power. Responsiveness is when we use our eye contact, posture, and body gestures to convey our emotions and thoughts to the other person. For instance, if someone were to slouch in their chair and have a bored look on their face, they are probably conveying that they dont care about the class or that they are not interested in anything that is being said. Liking is a way to show positive communication towards others. Examples of this would be smiles, hugs, kisses, high fives, etc. Learning about nonverbal communication and how it establishes relationship level meaning is crucial in my everyday life. Nonverbal communication is essential in any relationship so learning about responsiveness, liking, and power, will give me a better understanding on the quality and level of my relationships. For instance, when I am working with a group at university, I will be able to better understand and have better awareness of the people who want to work and those who do not. It not only helps to better understand nonverbal communication but also to be aware of it in every situation. In my future career, nonverbal communication will play a fundamental role. If I am to pursue a profession in sign language interpreting, I will have to be able to tune my senses to everything nonverbal. Sign language is all about facial expression and body language, so learning about postures and gestures in nonverbal communication will really give me a tool to be aware of the nonverbal behaviors.

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Case Marriot and Flinder Valves Essay Example for Free

Case Marriot and Flinder Valves Essay 1. Why is Marriott’s CFO proposing the Project Chariot? To improve the financial performance of the firm, by re-structuring the company in two separating activities to distinguish those that require a large fixed assets (Real estates ownership) and those with relative low amount of assets (Management services and others). By dividing in this way, the large amount of debt will go with the real estates ownership called Host Marriott Corp. (HMC), whereas the rest of activities will go to Marriott International (MII). Doing so, the value of the 2 firms combined will exceed this year’s book value, according to expectations (see appendix 1). 2. Is the proposed restructuring consistent with management’s responsibilities? It is, as it clearly separate the activities and focus on management services rather than owning the hotels. Furthermore, it improves the cash flows from the existing structure (see appendix 1), this improvement will allow HMC to meet its debt responsibilities ( a total cash flow projected of $771 million in 1992 versus $478 million in 1991. The DCF in HMC assuming a worst case scenario will exceed current value of the firm’s assets $5,218 million versus $4,600 million, which indicates that the firm will improve as its assets will appreciate. 3. The case describes two conceptions of managers’ fiduciary duty (page 9). Which do you favor: the shareholder conception or the corporate conception? Does your stance make a difference in this case? We agree upon favoring the shareholder conception, as this provides an improvement on cash flows, as this condition is met, other financial gaps can be covered, plus it revalues the total firm based upon the expected cash flows. In this particular case, by having this improvement on cash flow, debt responsibilities can be covered inside HMC or by using the line of credit guaranteed by MII. On regards of the bondholders, the option is to increase the return as bonds will reduce the grade to junk bonds, for the calculation on DCF we assume a return of 10.81 assuming the highest risk for bonds. This action will compensate bondholders for the action. 4. Should Mr. Marriott recommend the proposed restructuring to the board? Yes, as it increase the value of the combined firms, focus activities per company and provides better cash flows.

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Annabel Lee, Edgar Allen Poe

Annabel Lee, Edgar Allen Poe Edgar Allen Poes poem â€Å"Annabel Lee† represents the death of Annabel Lee. The poem describes the underlying love the speaker has for Annabel Lee, which began many years ago in an unnamed kingdom by the sea. In his poem, Poe makes use of a lot of poetic devices to enhance the readers understanding of his deep affection for his beloved Annabel Lee, thus making it the best poem in the world.   In this poem, the rhyming structure plays a big role. Poes main purpose for using rhythm/rhyme is to introduce a new method of expressing the speakers grief. The name Annabel Lee is an important part of the rhyming scheme throughout the poem. Poe further enhances the rhythm of the poem with alliteration in â€Å"[b]ut we loved with a love that was more than love (Poe), which emphasizes to the reader, the strong relationship between the two lovers. There is a rhyming link in â€Å"chilling† and â€Å"killing† (lines 25 and 26) which exaggerates the horror of Annabel Lees death. The poems rhyme scheme begins with an ababcb pattern but as the poem moves along, it gets more complicated, ending with the pattern lbmbnnbb in the last stanza. As the lines increase in length and number in the last stanza, its dramatic pitch also intensifies. His grievance for Annabel Lee also escalates, thus depicting Poes unconditional love for her. The final stanza has an internal rhyming sch eme, which mimics the rhythm of the waves ultimately serving as Annabel Lees sepulchre, and the speakers mental condition. The rhythm of the poem is mostly written in iambic and anapestic feet, alternating between tetrameter and trimeter. However, the word â€Å"chilling† in lines fifteen and twenty-five is used to disturb the rhythm and startle the reader by highlighting the death of the speakers loved one. Thus, Edgar Allan Poes use of rhythm is very important in understanding the essence of the speakers love for Annabel Lee. Even though â€Å"Annabel Lee† is not exactly a ballad, Poe referred to it as one because it utilizes repetition of words and phrases purposely to create a mournful effect. Edgar Allen Poe uses assonance several times in the poem by repeating the â€Å"e† sound. In the first stanza, Line 2,4 and 6 ends with sea, Lee, and me respectively. The other five stanzas also contain the repeated sound of the long â€Å"e.† Another example of assonance is from Stanza 6 â€Å"[a]nd so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side/Of my darling- my darling- my life and my bride†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Poe). Furthermore, Poe also heavily relies on alliteration, for instance â€Å"it was stronger by far than the love/Of those who were older than we- /Of many far wiser than we-.(Poe). All of these sound devices help to create more pleasing sound patterns. Line 21 uses alliteration in repeating the â€Å"h† sound suggesting the blowing of wind. Between the fifth and sixth stanzas, â€Å"Of the beautiful Annabel Lee† is repeated thrice to draw the readers attention to this line. Light and dark Throughout his poem, the use of light and dark imagery helps the reader to grasp the strong feelings of loss he continues to experience long after her passing. Invoking a dreamlike atmosphere when talking about â€Å"a kingdom by the sea† (Poe) Poe implies that the fictional kingdom is a bright land of enchantment where the speaker and Annabel Lee fell in love as children. By addressing Annabel Lee as a maiden rather than a woman, he draws images of purity and innocence to the readers mind. Dark imagery is shown in stanza two, when the winged seraphs of heaven, who are supposed to be bringers of God‘s light, become envious of the relationship between him and Annabel Lee. The wind blowing out of a â€Å"cloud† instead of just the sky infuses a sense of premonition in the dark envy of the angels. The cloud, in this case, shuts out Heaven‘s light and without light, the lovers become victims of forces beyond their control. He mourns that when she died a part of him died with her. Yet, the speaker remains in the realm of light, for he believes that his soul and Annabel Lees are one. â€Å"For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams /And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes† (Poe). By associating the occurrence of moonbeams with dreams and the radiance of Annabel Lee‘s eyes with star light, Poe emphasizes that even in darkness, light will prevail. The moon beams and stars also function as a tomb for Annabel Lee, shining down on him from the sepulchre of the night sky. Thus, it is apparent that the use of imagery is extremely important in bringing solace to the grieving lover. Therefore, Edgar Allen Poe has successfully conveyed to the readers his emotions about his loss through the form and style of the poem and the use of sound devices, and imagery, accordingly making it the best poem in the world. Written in a fairytale type story, Poe expresses his deep love for Annabel Lee, hence showcasing the main theme of the poem. Regardless of how old they are, the speaker feels that he can provide everything she needs because in his eyes, love is the most important characteristic. Annabel Lee remains popular as a timeless grief for the fate that comes between lovers.

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The Life and Literary Work of Kate Chopin Essay example -- Biography B

The Life and Literary Work of Kate Chopin Courageous . . . daring . . . innovative . . . all aptly describe Kate Chopin, American short story writer, novelist, poet, and essayist. Timeless classics, Kate Chopin’s works of the late nineteenth century remain rare jewels and priceless gifts to the literary world today. Born Katherine O’Flaherty on February 8, 1851, in St. Louis, Chopin was the daughter of a prominent Irish merchant and an aristocratic French-Creole mother. Chopin’s roots in, and familiarity with, two distinctly different cultures were important on both a personal and creative level throughout her life. As a member of a slave-owning family and an elite social circle, Chopin was exposed to people of diverse color and background, many of whom provided the basis for her later writings. Kate Chopin was one of five children; and the only one to survive past the age of twenty-five. Chopin’s father was killed in a train accident when Chopin was only four years old, leaving her to be reared under the strong maternal influences of her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. These determined women and life’s harsh losses taught Chopin valuable lessons of strength and independence. Kate Chopin’s formal education began when she was five years old at Sacred Heart Academy, a catholic school, and she graduated at seventeen. She had been an honor student, was widely read, and spoke two languages fluently. Upon graduation, Chopin entered the social life of St. Louis, and was noted to be "one of the acknowledged belles of St. Louis, a favorite not only for her beauty, but also for her amiability of character and her cleverness" (Seyersted 23). By this time, she loved (and was accomplished at) reading, music, and wr... ...sity Press, 1971. Kunitz, Stanley J. & Howard Haycroft, eds. American Authors 1600-1900, A Biographical Dictionary of American Literature. New York: H.W. Wilson, 1938. Magill, Frank M. Great Lives From History, American Women Series II. Pasadena: Salena Press, 1995. Reuben, Paul P. "Chapter 6: American Naturalism: Kate Chopin (1851-1904)." PAL: Perspectives in American Literature A Research and Reference Guide. WWW URL: (May 28, 1998). Seyersted, Per. Kate Chopin, A Critical Biography. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1980. Toth, Emily. "A New Biographical Approach." Approaches to Teaching Chopin’s The Awakening. New York: Modern Language Association of America, 1988. Voetteler, Thomas, ed. Short Story Criticism. Volume 8. Detroit: Gale Research Inc., 1991, 63-65.

Portrayals of John Anderton Essay -- Minority Report Movies Entertainm

Portrayals of John Anderton Imagine a world in which the thought of murder is a thing of the past; a world that has successfully abolished the system of jails and fines with the aid of gifted individuals that can predict the future (Dick 72). Such a crime free world exists in Philip K. Dick’s famous short story, The Minority Report. Using the adaptation made by screenwriters, Scott Frank and Jon Cohen, DreamWorks was able to release the film version of Dick’s short story in 2002. Furthermore, this futuristic age film was directed by the famous director, Stephen Spielberg. The main focus of the short story and film surrounds the lead character John Anderton and his efforts to understand the minority report. In comparing the portrayal of John Anderton’s physical characteristics and the conspiracy surrounding him in the short story and film, one can clearly state that the character of John Anderton has been well adapted onto the big screen, even far more developed, than in the short story. The plot of the short story takes place in the future, in which three gifted individuals known as â€Å"precogs† or â€Å"precognitives† can view the future and prevent an act of murder from taking place. The precogs’ prediction allows a specially trained group of agents from the Precrime unit, a policing organization, to apprehend the future criminal, effectively stopping the criminal act (Landrith). In the short story the founder and the commissioner of the Precrime unit, John Anderton, experiences the other end of the spectrum as a criminal when he is suddenly accused of a future murder. He is allegedly going to kill an individual by the name of Leopold Kaplan, the General of the Army of the Federated Westbloc Alliance, an aboli... ...of John Anderton is well portrayed in Dick’s short story and in the 2002 movie version, the character seems to be far more developed in the movie than in the short story. Through his physical characteristics and the conspiracy that surrounds the character, the movie was able to bring forth a character that is appealing to the audience and engaging to watch on the big screens. In this writers’ opinion, Spielberg, Frank and Cohen made the right choice to portray John Anderton in such a heroic manner. Works Cited Dick, Philip. The Minority Report and Other Classic Stories by Philip K. Dick. New York, NY: Citadel Press Book, 1987: 71-102. Landrith, James. â€Å"The Minority Report: In Print and On Screen†. American Military University HM 214, Science Fiction and Fantasy. 12 April 2004. 24 Oct. 2004. .